What is Cloud Identity

The dilemma of largest population of customers in the world is to choose between two sets of options, neither of them work for them. The traditional IAM solutions from IBM, Oracle, CA Sailpoint etc require very deep pockets, besides a mountain of patience.  Cloud Identity solutions are adding fancy features by the day but the truth is they cannot make customers swim on the deeper side of the pool where 'user life cycle Management' & 'Access Governance' kind of serious solutions are needed. Mid size Companies needing true ULM & Access Governance solution, are told by Cloud Identity vendors to go and seek them from traditional players. In conclusion SMB and Midsize customers do not have access to Cloud Identity solutions that truly serve all their needs.

Not anymore, with features almost matching traditional IAM solutions (95%, we removed 5% that a customer would rarely need).

CLOUD IDENTITY does it all with the simplicity of lighter IDAAS solutions that fill up the market today. With 18 years experience with midmarket customers, ILANTUS now brings a solution that everyone has been looking for.

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