What is Niche Identity

While a large number of products are available for Single Sign-On and Password Management, there are none that are made with issues of Specific Industry segments in mind. A Solution for Pharmaceutical companies require Single Sign-On (SSO) to HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography). Bankers require unified access to more than a thousand unique applications. BPOs and Call Centres would like altogether to eliminate agents remembering any passwords. Manufacturing companies would like a seamless sign on to SAP applications.

“NICHE IDENTITY” has versions that are made to take care of the requirements of thousands of users in different industry segments. This solves their specific needs and use cases.

“NICHE IDENTITY” has a rugged Single Sign-On solution with true enterprise class Password Management. These can work together or separately.

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One Click access to all your Applications


Manage Identities and Control Access to Critical Information