Xpress Governance - Key Features

Segregation of Duties

The system ensures toxic combinations of access are reported as and when violations occur. Timely alert from the system can avert major security disasters.

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Multi-Directory Integration

The system integrates with a combination of one or more enterprise directory services or identity stores, such as Active Directory, OpenLDAP, IBM, CA, Novell, Oracle and many more.

Multi Domain

The excessive use of multiple domains for users of different types is on the rise. ILANTUS IDaaS has the flexibility to support multiple domain environments in a single working atmostphere.

Browser Support

Different applications may prefer a specific browser.  ILANTUS IDaaS supports all important browsers such as, IE 11, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Mobile App Enabled

When traveling, managers lose no time and can still authorize new application access requests using the mobile application.

Access View

Get real time status on WHO has access to WHAT applications and how the access is being used.  Analytics can be tailored to suit individual governance compliance requirements.

Access Request & Workflow

Granting access to any new application requires a process. The system ensures that the appropriate process is followed. A multilevel workflow based on the authorization process setup will ensure provisioning of the requested access is completed quickly and is in compliance.

Access Reviews and Recertification

The system ensures periodical access review for compliance. Review cycles can be triggered when required.  Revocation, continuation or temporary suspension of access can be easily guaranteed. Final reconciliation between the desired state and the achieved state can be automatically attained.