User Lifecycle Management

Manage your users across the user-lifecycle
On-boards a user before he joins
Allows approvals for user access requests on the fly
Triggers automatic access changes when user roles change
Automatically revokes unneeded user access
Provisions to any application including thick client applications

"The solution also comes with a set of self-service interfaces such as for password reset. Beyond that, they have also added advanced capabilities for self-service registration. In general, it provides a strong degree of flexibility in customization, including workflow support. Furthermore, there is support for advanced capabilities in Identity Provisioning and Access Governance, which make Ilantus IDaaS Next a solution that also can cover the IDaaS B2E use cases."


Enterprise Directories
(AD, OpenLDAP, Novell, CA, IBM)

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Integration with multi-domain environments

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IE 11, Firefox, Chrome,

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Automate access for new users

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Complete multi-level approval process for new access request

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Automated provisioning based on AD defined roles | source of truth

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Custom workflow builder for approvals

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Integration with ITSM tools

Integration with ITSM tools

Managers can delegate their approval, remediation and re-certification tasks to other users on a need basis

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Zendesk and, Cyber Arc Integration

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Automated provisioning is designed based on the User’s Attribute from the HR Source.

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Access controls can be defined to include business processes and avoid combination of certain access / roles / groups / actions for a resource

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Custom connector for multiple applications, which needs minimum changes and can be used by customers

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Grants access to the users based on the roles, attributes and rules

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Integration with Service Desk

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Key Benefits of Implementing User Lifecycle Management

Auto Provisioning and De-provisioning

Gives your IT department complete power over the access rights of employees, partners, contractors, vendors and guests.

Quick and Easy

Provides a secure way to grant or revoke employees’ access to corporate applications. This can be done on corporate-owned mobile devices as well.

Access Privileges

Control, consolidate and simplify access privileges across applications hosted on premise, on cloud or in a hybrid landscape.

Access Administration

Easy and intelligent management of identities and entitlements for any number of users and business applications with real-time actions based on rules and policies. An event driven identity engine that can take appropriate action based on any event.

Customized View for User Identities

Provides a centralized console to view who has access to what, who approved what access to whom and when

Event-driven Access Management

Built-in intelligence to manage the identities and access associated with a user across all the business applications and based on predefined rules and policies

Delegated Administration

Ensures business continuity by giving flexibility to the managers or stakeholders to delegate tasks such as approvals
for remediation on an as-needed basis

Business application Integration

Out of Box Connectors

Various OOB connectors are available spanning from legacy application connectors to SaaS based application connectors.

Easy Integration with Custom Applications

Allows the integration of home grown applications using custom connectors that can be built on an as needed basis.

Mobile Device Management

Easy provisioning for mobile integration to manage applications.


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Support for SIEM Tools
Centralized Logging
CSV or PDF exports of reports
Full System log report