Why do you need Xpress GRC for SAP?

User Benefits

  • Empower users with self-service, workflow-driven access requests, and approvals
  • Employees collect new authorizations as they change roles in the organization; they rarely give up old authorizations, even if not needed in their new positions
  • Typical SAP users utilize only 7% of their authorizations, opening the door to security breaches and other risks

Organizational Benefits

  • Organizations want to be able to control Segregation of Duties (SoD) compliance automatically.
  • A clear license audit and reconciliation report is not available in order to accurately determine additional licence requirements at negotiation time
  • SAP_ ALL and other privileged user authorizations are often not removed, even when employees’ jobs no longer require this extremely sensitive status

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How does it solve your business problem?


Automate processes

Xpress GRC for SAP delivers a complete and fully-automated solution for managing GRC effectively, including SOX and SoD (Segregation of Duties) inspections and complementary workflow processes

Automate Compliance and achieve security at all levels

By generating a detailed usage profile analyses for SAP users, it prevents security breaches, ensures successful audit & compliance and enables proactive response.

Mitigate risk continuously

Xpress GRC includes a compensating control, providing a description, related documents, the validity status of the control and the approver. Controls are integrated into the system and related risks do not appear in the report as long as a control is valid.

Unique Value Proposition

Role Advisor

Recommends the roles best suited for a user during the authorization request process, while taking into account the user’s actual behavior and potential risks

Authorization Review

Automates the process of reviewing authorizations, turning the tedious process into an organized and manageable task – easily coherent to auditors.

Emergency Access

Monitors all activity in the production systems, documents the entire process for further inspection and sends reports to relevant personnel for essential follow up

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