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Why do you need Xpress Sign-On for IBM ISAM?

Xpress Sign-On for IBM ISAM offers Single Sign-On to both web & thick client applications. It helps scale up your existing ISAM solution by improving end user satisfaction, ease of use, low maintenance & support and quick deployment of applications.

The solution meets the modern needs of SSO by allowing :

Non-intrusive integration with applications
Out-of-band (OOB) connector for easy & quick deployments
A single intuitive and BYOD compliant access point for web & thick client applications

Key benefits

Based on average statistics across our customers:

70-90% faster deployment time

95% faster on-boarding of new applications

90% decrease in maintenance and support costs

Over 60% increase in end user satisfaction

Xpress Sign-On for IBM ISAM Web

IBM Security Access Manager for web that provides web access management and Xpress Sign-On for web SSO.


Xpress Sign-On for IBM ISAM ESSO

IBM Security Access Manager ESSO for SSO to thick client applications and Xpress Sign-On for web SSO


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Download the brochure

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