XpreSSO for SAP

Single Sign On for SAP made easy...

Many of us login to different modules of SAP everyday. A survey of 1100 SAP customers conducted recently revealed, they'd like their user experience to improve. According to them it begins with the experience of logging in. Unfortunately there was no solution that could provide a unified sign on experience for SAP together with other enterprise apps.

Not any more !! XpreSSO for SAP provides most convenient & secure way to provide a unified sign on experience.

Why do you need XpreSSO for SAP?

User Challenges

  • Time needed to enter passwords multiple times when accessing different SAP systems
  • Productivity impacted when time is directed to opening multiple SAP systems
  • Performance affected when you need to remember many complex SAP system passwords

Organizational Challenges

  • Unproductive downtime SAP system users
  • Too many helpdesk calls for forgotten SAP system passwords
  • Single Sign-On to both SAP and non SAP applications (Web, Thick Client) from a single platform is not available

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How does it solve your business problems?

Increases SAP system user productivity and convenience

SAP Users can leverage SSO to SAP systems with the click of a button
Single Login to access all SAP systems

Increased Security

Built-in Multifactor authentication to enhance security to sensitive SAP modules

Increased User adoption of SAP systems

With the need to remember password eliminated, users show increased adoption of SAP systems therefore resulting in better usage of SAP licenses

Reduced Helpdesk calls for Password Reset

With SSO to SAP systems, users do not need to remember SAP system passwords, therefore reducing the number of calls logged to the helpdesk team

Active Compliance

Provides real time notification, graphical dashboards and reports with necessary audit trails to meet all regulatory requirements

Shared Login security

Admin provided credentials for applications ensure shared login ID / Password for SAP systems can be hidden from end users and therefore prevent security breaches

SSO to non SAP systems

Single Sign-On to SAP systems and non SAP systems (Web and thick client applications) from a single SSO dashboard

Unique Value Proposition

Intelligent DIY Wizard

On-board unlimited SAP system and non SAP applications with the intelligent Do-It-Yourself wizard

Single Dashboard SSO

SSO to SAP systems and non SAP applications (web and thick client) from a single SSO Dashboard

No end point application changes

SSO to SAP and non SAP applications without the need for a single line of code change on the target SAP system or non SAP application

Cost effective

SSO to SAP systems at the fraction of the cost of SAP built in SSO module.
Rapid RoI with quick deployment of SSO solution for SAP system and non SAP applications

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