Converged IAM

The Future of Identity

Converged IAM can be defined as an IAM solution that brings all the different dimensions of identity and access management into a single platform. Access Management, Identity Governance and Administration, Privileged Access Management, and in some cases even CIAM, all converging in a single solution and is touted to be the future of enterprise security infrastructure.

Most of the leading players in the IAM industry have been strong in only one dimension of IAM and customers always had to purchase an Access Management solution from one vendor, and an IGA solution from another, maybe an add on PAM too. What if there was a need for risk analytics? Maybe another set of solutions.

This fragmented approach left customers with-

  • Large bills
  • Long implementation cycles
  • Complicated vendor management.
  • No common ground to manage the data of identities from these various solutions

More so, this collection of solutions was only affordable by the larger enterprises, leaving the small and medium-sized businesses grappling for a solution. The security leaders in such organizations had to go through the arduous task of convincing stakeholders that these solutions are necessary.

The solution to this predicament – Converged IAM

Converged Identity and Access Management is an IAM solution that is equipped with the functionalities that can enable organizations to be secure and productive without exhausting their resources in managing the solution itself.

“Gartner recommends, “Ensure you have a long-term strategy for the future of IAM including IGA — such that you are able to evaluate and take advantage of SaaS-based converged IAM at an appropriate time for your organization.”

– Market Guide for Identity Governance and Administration released  Dec 2020

Converged IAM empowers customers with –

➤ Productivity enveloped with secure and comprehensive IAM solution

➤ A single dashboard for AM, IGA, PAM, Analytics, and more

➤ These platforms also pave the way to obtain data from various functionalities for better risk prediction

➤ True converged IAM solutions are cost-effective, efficient, and much easier to sustain, along with the freedom to scale and without the hassles of multiple vendors

Converged IAM is indeed the future of IAM. It’s only a matter of realizing this importance and educating stakeholders to ensure organizations are better equipped to handle today’s sophisticated threat landscape.

Compact Identity by Ilantus is recognized as a leader in the Converged IAM space by Gartner as it offers all the modules to be categorized as a Converged IAM solution. Download the executive view report by KuppingerCole, leading industry analyst, to know how Compact Identity could be the right fit for your organization’s cybersecurity needs.

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