Assess Your IAM Program

How does “IAM Assessment” help your organization?

This assessment has been designed by a group of IAM experts and has cumulative knowledge of more than 100 organizations. By taking this assessment, you will get a fair idea of your organization’s maturity in the IAM space. There are two options available:

1. Compact Assessment:

This is meant for getting an overall feel for the IAM maturity of your organization. This includes multiple areas of IAM such as Access Management, Identity Governance and Administration, Privileged Access Management and Zero Trust. It has around 20 questions designed by global experts in IAM.

2. Comprehensive Assessment:
This is designed to provide maturity assessment for various areas of IAM. You have the choice to select any/all of these areas. Obviously, this has larger number of questions and would slightly take more time.

In case you would like to connect with a panel of our experts on IAM Maturity Assessment, you may click here.
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