The Ilantus Partner Program

As an Ilantus partner you –

  • Empower your consumers with the comprehensive IAM toolset
  • Discover new channels of recurring revenue
  • Cherish a trust-worthy, lasting relationship

Ilantus Product Proposition

The Ilantus Partner Program gives you the perfect springboard to be an IAM Champion for your consumers. Our Partner Proposition enables partners with multiple sources of revenue, hassle-free, quick sales cycles and dedicated, nurturing support at every step of the way.

Ilantus Partner Proposition

Agility at Ilantus is a management philosophy that transcends development. Perfectly complementing our customer centricity, it lets us prioritize customer needs over our own, thereby making our products a custom fit for your users.

Locate a Partner

Locate a Partner​​​

Our Partners are located across the globe.

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Partner SSO Enablement

1. If you are Ilantus Partner and you do not have an Ilantus SSO login, you can register yourself by completing the below registration form.

2. Your request will be approved by our Partner Manager, and you’ll then get an email with instructions on how to set up your Ilantus SSO.

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