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The most simple, efficient and cost effective solution for Identity and Access Management

Creating a new paradigm for IAM

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We believe in making Identity and Access Management (IAM) simple, efficient, and cost-effective. We make IAM simple and efficient with “Compact Identity”, our well known “Converged IAM” product. We make IAM cost-effective by offering it in a pay-per-use model. Compact Identity is well analyzed by Gartner, KuppingerCole, and Frost & Sullivan.

What is Converged IAM?

Converged IAM is cutting-edge innovation , inside one code base it includes all modules of IAM that most businesses typically require. Gartner says that over 70% of new IAM implementations will be of Converged type by 2023. Compact Identity sports Access Management (Single Sign-On, Password Reset, Adaptive Multifactor Authentication), Access Administration (User Lifecycle Management, Orphan account management, Audit ready reports).

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What is Pay-Per-Use?

Pay-per-use is a payment model that charges based on resource usage. IlantusProducts brings this model to IAM for the first time. The payment model is like utility bills, where only actually consumed resources are charged.

It brings down the entry cost to one-twentieth,  the Cost of Ownership to one-third and increases the ROI by four times of any per-user subscription-based IAM solution. It also brings complete visibility and control of the costs and consumption: by department, cost, or profit centre.

Simple, transparent pricing.

Ilantus has re-invented the way customers subscribe to services that brings IAM down to a fraction of the cost.

With user-based subscription models, you pay for all users to use all services, no matter how much or how little they use. With Ilantus Pay-per-Use IAM (PPU), you simply pay for consumption – number of logins, passwords resets, MFA used, new users onboarded, accesses recertified and more.  You can monitor your IAM expenses, see how IAM is used by departments and be able to appropriately debit these expenses internally. Even the utilization of other business applications is made available.

There was never a better way to justify ROI on Identity and Access Management.

Incredible Return on Investment

Return on Investment is critical and Compact Identity with its Pay-per-Use model provides simply mindboggling ROI, 200 to 400% per year! We have built the most sophisticated ROI calculators in the IAM industry, you can even apply your own inputs to get results that are in line with your costs. If you need to get details on how the calculations are arrived at, please write to us.

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How easy will it be to implement Compact Identity?

Ilantus began as a service provider in 2000 and thus has the most experienced and skilled managed IAM services experience in the industry. While being an innovator and a game changer, we have implemented IAM for more than twenty Fortune 500 companies. We baked in the same level of implementation and post-implementation support on Compact Identity too.

Post-implementation support is easy too!

Here again Ilantus offers you with largest set of options in the industry. Choose from any 4 post-implementation packages.

The Classic and Silver packages include hours of 8×5 phone support. The Gold package includes dedicated offshore resources.

In the Gold option You gain from dedicated resources that will ensure the best support for your IAM environment that is possible.

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Become a Certified Compact Identity Associate (CCIA)

Ilantus Compact Identity is a Converged IAM solution which means that Access Management and Identity Governance and Administration are built on a single code base ensuring high efficiency, inter-operability, and cost optimization.

In this course, you will learn about the solution architecture, how to navigate the user and admin interface, how to implement all parts of the solution as well as learn how to build connectors for applications not on our long list of OOTB applications in out Connector Store.

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Ready to transform your IAM experience?