Modern Identity Strategies for Today’s Healthcare IT Realities

24 May 2018 | 4:00 PM IST

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KuppingerCole Executive View

Ilantus counts amongst the IDaaS B2E providers that focus on enterprise use cases. They provide strong support beyond IDaaS SSO capabilities, while covering these well, particularly when it is about enterprise-level SaaS services. They do not list thousands of SaaS services for their out-of-the-box support, but provide a very good coverage of enterprise SaaS applications, as well as they deliver support for integrating back to on-premise directory services as well as target systems.

Ilantus IDaaS Next is targeted at the market segment of IDaaS B2E. It comes with a broad set of capabilities required for this market segment, including various innovative features such as their nested multi-tenant architecture. Additional features are on their roadmap, which is well-thought-out.

Single Sign-On

Password Management

User Lifecycle Management

Access Governance

A nested multi-tenant solution allows a tenant to create multiple sub-tenants that can be accessed and used in an isolated and secure manner.

Adaptive Authentication is primarily to increase/decrease the levels of authentication depending on the perception of threat triggered by the user behavior.

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All IDaaS SSO solutions can single sign on to web/cloud apps. ILANTUS SSO is capable of carrying out SSO to ANY application, including thick client like SAP, Mainframe.

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Password Next User Experience

Sign On Next User Experience

Password Sync with SAP

First in the industry…a smartphone-like user interface!

IDaaS-Next not only raises the user interface bar with the familiarity and ease of a popular smartphone-like interface, the same interface can be found on all devices and browsers.

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ILANTUS Innovation Journey

Years in the Identity Access Management domain
Million Identities Managed
Fortune 500 companies served
IAM implementations


Case Study


Airlines Flies with ILANTUS


Healthcare Operates with ILANTUS


Banks are secured with ILANTUS


Consumer Goods with ILANTUS


Food Industry with ILANTUS


Bio Pharmaceutical with ILANTUS