All-In-One Identity and
Access Management

IAM has evolved. Presenting sleek, powerful, and #1 Ranked Converged IAM to meet all your Identity Security needs
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Eliminate unnecessary costs and
complications with all-in-one IAM

All in one | Ilantus Products

All in one

Why pay for multiple IAM products where one will do? Ilantus brings you true Convergence with Compact Identity. Access Management, Identity Governance, and Identity Administration, all in one tool. Manage your entire IAM environment from a singular, unified dashboard.

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True Convergence | Ilantus Products

True Convergence

Powerful Single Sign-on, Password Management, Adaptive Multifactor Authentication, User Lifecycle Management, Access Request, Access Review, and Orphan Account Management. One product, one dashboard, infinite possibilities.

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Most Desirable Product

Dime-a-dozen IAM is nobody’s champion. See what makes us special.

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Azure AD & AWS Integration

Compact Identity readily integrates with both Azure AD and AWS. Manage your AWS workload and optimize usage of Azure AD.

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Pay-per-use is more intelligent

Utilization of IAM varies by department. What you pay should vary too.

Pay based on consumption. Each instance of Single Sign-on, Self-Service Password Reset, Multifactor Authentication, User Onboarded, Access Request, and Access Review is charged independently.

High ROI, Low Total Costs

High ROI, Low Total Costs

As a mid-market product, Compact Identity guarantees affordability for small and medium businesses. Pay-per-use means your costs only increase with a proportional increase in benefits. Justifying IAM has never been easier.

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MSSP Delivered

Managed Security Service Providers are the undisputable future. Compact Identity is available from most MSSPs.

The latest IAM features
in your pocket

Compact Identity boasts all the new
toys your organization needs to get ahead.

Thick client Integration | Ilantus Products

Thick-client Integration

Legacy, homebrew, and other thick-client apps should not need to be ripped-and-replaced with cloud solutions unless your budget allows it. Compact Identity integrates with all thick-client apps.

Passwordless Authentication

Passwords are old hat. Authenticate your users using fingerprint, voice, or facial biometrics. Boost security while improving user experience.

Passwordless Authentication | Ilantus Products

AI Guidance to Use and Manage

IAM expertise is expensive. Eliminate the need for dedicated IAM staff when our Guided Help feature provides real-time prompts on how to implement, manage, and use the software.

AI Guidance to Use and Manage

Secure Access Gateway

Forced SSO is not enough. Web application logins must be redirected through the Identity Provider. Compact Identity’s Secure Access Gateway enforces this.

Secure Access Gateway | Ilantus Products
Forced SSO | Ilantus Products

Forced SSO

Reports say IAM adoption across organizations is slow and only partial. Forced SSO ensures that users can only login using Compact Identity.

Free Cloud Directory | Ilantus Products

Free Cloud Directory

Compact Identity includes a free Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) based cloud directory.

Ready integration with
heaps of applications


Low Cost Connector Building | Ilantus Products

IAM is useless without application integration. Compact Identity is pre-integrated with a whole host of applications.

Low Cost Connector Building

Don’t find your app? Ilantus will build any connector for you.

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Inexpensive and Easy

Implementation Assistance and Post Implementation Support | Ilantus Products

Implementation Assistance and Post-Implementation Support

Choose from different packages which include 24×7 customer support, staff training, and offshore or onsite implementation and post-implementation support.

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Go Live in Weeks Not Months | Ilantus Products

Go Live in Weeks, Not Months

Compact Identity boasts the fastest implementation of any IAM product. It was designed for implementation by IAM-ignorant staff.

Endorsed by Leading Analysts

Endorsed by Leading Analysts | Ilantus Products

Compact Identity is featured in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, KuppingerCole’s Leadership Compass, and Frost & Sullivan’s FROST RADAR. It won the “Most Innovative in Converged IAM” award at the RSA Conference in 2021.