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ILANTUS has learned through customers for over 18 years. We only provide round pegs for round holes – solutions tailored to segments and industries that really suit different organizational environments. Our 4 solutions described below all cater to a specific size or industry segment. Niche Identity serves Banking, Pharma, BPOs, Manufacturing and Healthcare perfectly. SMBs can relish in IAM that was engineered for them with ‘Compact Identity‘. Organization with Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) needs that are deep as they have our Identity Plus solution available to them. Those that need to migrate from their traditional Identity and Access Management to the latest cloud based Identity services can relax as our Hybrid Identity solution takes over.

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Niche Identity

Various editions for different industries and patented thick-client Single Sign-On and Provisioning are the hallmarks of this offering.

Compact Identity

Mirror the power of large enterprises with this compressed, all-in-one and pocket friendly IAM solution for SMBs.

Identity Plus

Next gen and powerful multi-facted IAM in the Public Cloud

Hybrid Identity

Outsource the management of your IAM environment, enhance your IBM CA Oracle or RSA solution with modern IDaaS elements and/or migrate your environment to the Public Cloud.

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Life Cycle Managed for Identities


The Difference

We were born during the very inception of the domain. This, and the fact that we have 1000+ successful implementations under our belt, makes ILANTUS one of the original archetypes of IAM today.

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Why We Are Different

Something for Everyone

ILANTUS’ Smart Identity range of solutions is unparalleled in its width and depth. From bite-sized businesses that have benefited from our Compact Identity solution to Fortune 100 companies that have used our Cloud Identity and Hybrid Identity solutions to great satisfaction, we have something for everyone.

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Phased approach to implementing Identity Governance & Administration (IGA)