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The benefit of Converged IAM for SMBs | Ilantus Products
The benefit of Converged IAM for SMEs
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Is Data Manipulation a bigger threat than stealing data?
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Compact Identity Completes Azure AD
24 January 2023
Azure AD is the most popular tool for Access Management. However, most Identity Management, Governance, and Identity Administration features must be fulfilled manually. For example, users must be created manually. Then the users must manually be assigned to apps. It is cumbersome and a waste of productive time. Compact Identity Automates Most Identity Processes in Azure AD Luckily, there’s an answer. And is affordable and cutting-edge technology. Compact Identity...
Spirituality: East vs. West, can the twain meet?
12 January 2023
“Oh, East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet”, said the Nobel Laurette Rudyard Kipling. Today, we will examine this chasm from the angle of spirituality.   Eastern cultures have typically been regarded by the world as keen sources of spiritual learning. It’s true that Eastern civilizations, particularly in India and China, have spiritual histories dating back thousands of years Western religions are comparatively modern...
Identity and Access Management - Truly Simplified
22 November 2022
Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a complicated technology. Most vendors sell products that reflect the complexity of IAM technology. They make what could be simpler even more convoluted. Compact Identity has changed all that. Converged Identity and Access Management Trending IAM technology is about simplicity, high utilization, and low cost. Converged IAM technology combines Access Management (AM), Identity Governance (IG), and Identity Administration...