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The benefit of Converged IAM for SMBs | Ilantus Products
The benefit of Converged IAM for SMEs
Is Data Manipulation a bigger threat than stealing data | Ilantus Products
Is Data Manipulation a bigger threat than stealing data?
5 Data Breach Myths 15NV | Ilantus Products
5 Data-breach Myths
Don’t Miss This if You Want Zero Trust Security (What You Haven’t Heard Yet)
16 November 2022
You don’t want to move ahead with your Zero Trust Security implementation before you learn what’s best (new) on the market. It could be costly in more ways than one. You might think you’ve got it all covered, but you could be buying something imperfect when something much better has just rolled out… The future is here and reassessing your options might be the right move. Converged IAM Will Be the New Zero Trust Standard Converged IAM is the next big thing,...
IRDAI Compliance with Compact Identity
08 November 2022
Noncompliance with IRDAI’s latest mandates could result in hefty fines or worse. Compact Identity from Ilantus, an Indian IAM company with over 20 years of service and product experience, is your best bet. Compact Identity includes all features needed to comply with IRDAI’s IAM-related mandates. It is also friendly to the budgets of the small, medium, and large Indian insurance companies and brokerage houses. This is because it is the world’s first and only...
Why do IT managers struggle to combat Cybercrimes?
28 October 2022
Every business, regardless of its nature and size, is a potential target for cyberattacks. Organizations today are aware of the alarming rate at which cybercrimes are growing, and its affects – financial loss, damage to reputation, decrease in brand value, etc. No organization today can claim that they are 100% secure from cybercrimes. So, who takes care of the organization’s security? Primarily, the IT department. However, having a good IT department in place...