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Why You Need Converged IAM
23 September 2021
There’s something brewing in the world of IAM that could change your business’ future. Here’s a first taste! Converged IAM is the biggest buzzword in IAM today. According to industry analyst Gartner, Converged IAM products will account for over 45% of new IAM implementations by 2023. What is Converged IAM? Converged IAM is a suite with both Access Management and light IGA functionalities, sometimes also including Privilege Access Management. Everything...
Are Your IoT Devices a Security Risk?
20 September 2021
If you think your IoT devices are just connected to your own network, think again! IoT devices are usually connected to a network with internet access. And hackers can take control of the devices quite easily. Consumer IoT (internet of things) devices are ‘smart’ devices which link up with your network for increased capabilities. Some IoT devices include smart lights, smart kitchen appliances, smartwatches, and smart cars. Such devices are becoming common...
Learn About Passwordless Authentication
16 September 2021
Passwords are on their way out. You’ve been there, you know the challenge…So many passwords you end up writing them down somewhere – security risk. Or you forgot them and need to spend hours resetting through the helpdesk. There’s got to be a better way! Simple authentication methods that require only username and password combinations are inherently vulnerable. Attackers can guess or steal credentials and gain access to sensitive information and IT...