Business Innovation Award

Ilantus wins the Services Quality Award for Client Servicing

Ilantus Technologies is pleased to announce that we won the Services Quality Excellence Award for Client Servicing at the Business Innovation Conference and Awards hosted by Feather Touch on Feb 24, 2022!

This award concurs with the excellent customer feedback we have been getting over the years.

Ilantus Technologies not only places utmost importance on customer service, but we have also always been a customer centric services company.

Just how far does Ilantus Technologies go to achieve customer satisfaction? How much added value do we provide?

We offer deep and broad scope in our services, have real commitment to customers, and score high on customer satisfaction. We offer very cost effective and reliable services which come with high ROI.

Ilantus Technologies has survived many hardships including those that came with the dot com bubble burst in early 2000s. It was and remains a defining IAM services company. This shows our commitment to the domain and to our customers. We live and breathe Identity and Access Management and want to see our customers succeed. This is reflected in our customer satisfaction.

There are many companies that have been our customer for over a decade. You don’t stick with a company for that long unless you are 100% satisfied!

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