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What is Identity as a Service (IDaaS)?

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Experience the Difference


Identity as a Service (IDaaS) delivers identity management tools on demand via the internet in a simple and efficient way. However, are companies truly delivering tools specifically designed with the benefits of a cloud deployment or are vendors jumping on the cloud bandwagon and delivering “old wine in a new bottle?” One giant IT software provider is repackaging their decade-old solution to replicate the look and feel of the cloud service. Another company is delivering a cookie cutter approach: deliver 50% of the easy stuff while ignoring the more complex aspects of the software that would require a larger effort to deliver with smaller return on their investment. After five long years of development, IDaaS still touches only the tip of the iceberg without fulfilling the real needs.

For instance, Single Sign-On can only reach web/cloud applications; User Life Cycle management techniques cannot map more than 80% of processes and all the non-web complex applications; Governance that is truly yet to begin. To add to all this, the promise of delivering in a manner for users has not been fulfilled at all not to mention the ever increasing price points. This is not true IDaaS. ILANTUS’s latest development, “IDaaS 4U,” promises to offer true IDaaS that will fulfill the “real needs” rather than the hyped ones created by vendors.


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   What is IDaaS Next

IDaaS> is an integrated solution that helps you manage, like never before, Identities within your organization; easily, economically and comprehensively.

Easy: For the first time users will be able to get experience that aligns with smart phones such as iPhone. The experience will be also identical across devices. This will make users continue with their existing experience rather that getting used to a new one.

Comprehensive: There will be few exclusion from more comprehensive but traditional IAM solutions. One can manage any application including Thick Client. One will be able to provision and deprovision application of any type, while mapping to many of their unique processes. For the first time, one will be able to have Access Governance solution and features that will help solve Audit & Compliance issue quickly.

Economical: The cost of the solution is less than 50% of solutions that are being sold today. This is true both for initial and recurring cost.

Many organizations look for a comprehensive Password Management system as resetting forgotten passwords is not all they want. ILANTUS has a comprehensive “Enterprise Password Management System” that has features only comparable to just a handful of products in the Industry.
“IDAAS 4U” is a journey, ILANTUS will deliver features and functions that will provide users with serious features while keeping the delivery quick and simple.

On Boarding New Apps

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IT infrastructure is considered as revenue generation investment and not merely a support infrastructure for business operations.
IT leadership team which recognizes this fact is always looking for cutting edge technologies to deliver on this mission and one such example is the Business team’s decision to onboard new IT applications for business requirements.

The time taken to deploy and operationalize the newly on-boarded application is crucial to the business decision and IT team has to be on its toes to meet this expectation / challenges.

Let us consider few challenges,

This new application has its own Authentication Store

This new application has its own Login URL

This new application has its own Authorization access model

ILANTUS’s solution is built to facilitate IT team to overcome this challenges, lets take each challenge in its context in below paragraphs,
1. With IDaaS solution you will be provided central user authentication store where in applications can be connected for authentication purposes, in case of applications which cannot be modified IDaaS connector factory can be leveraged to create / update user records in the third party application repository – this will reduce over heads for end user to remember application specific passwords.

2. With IDaaS solution you will be provided with a central landing page named as launchpad, which can be leveraged to add additional links as application icon on the launchpad – this will reduce over heads for end user to remember the new application URL and IT team can control the access to the link based on user’s job profile.

3. With IDaaS solution you can leverage IDaaS connector factory to add access within the application like adding entitlements , roles, groups or permissions to User profile, provided application supports third party API integration – this new application can be part of organizations generic access request workflow and this new application can be seamlessly introduced to End users.


User Productivity Vs IT Security

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Enterprises around the world are facing increasingly more security issues day by day. As a result organizations are considering to improve their security measures. One of the fundamental part of security is to provide ‘Availability’ which ensures reliability and timely access to data and resources to authorized individuals. Necessary protection mechanisms must be in place to protect against inside and outside threats that effect the availability of data and productivity of user.

It sounds to be easy to accomplish than in reality. Providing a balance between security and user productivity is a critical task for security professionals. The end users may not be aware of that following various security measures by the organization is necessary to prevent serious data breaches. The more compliant an organization is, the stronger is its IT security. But on the other hand it will automatically decrease the user productivity. Keeping a balance between security and user productivity is a challenge of all the times.

One way of achieving this is to provide least privileges to users in other words allow access to users only to what they need to do. It seems to be true in providing better solution but it may result to less productivity and frustrated employees. For example if employee is missing access to any resource, in this case according to organization’s security policy it may take days to provide the access which may lead to missing the deadlines.

In this case the frustrated employee may try to choose other alternatives to avoid the security because his/her goal is always to meet the deadlines. Another example is password management. If the security policy forces employees to change their passwords frequently they may end up keeping a sticky note on their PC to remember it, which leads to a security breach. If they forgot their passwords they will be ending up calling helpdesk to reset their passwords leading to decrease in user productivity.

The main idea here is to keep a good balance between security and user productivity. One should not affect other. As a security professional one should not blindly follow the industry best practices instead one should think twice before enforcing any security policy according to organization needs. Think about whom the policy will effect, what extent it will effect and how it will affect the end user.

Five things to know about Identity & Access Management

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1) Established IAM Solution do not meet today’s requirements.

Traditional technologies such as IBM, Oracle were engineered more than 10 years ago. In as much as they are proven and comprehensive they may not be suitable to handle today’s needs. Examples are quick on-boarding of cloud applications, easy deployment of access attestation/re-certification solutions. Their technologies such as SSO, password management can truly be archaic.

2) SaaS based IAM solutions are there but needs to be examined carefully.

“All IDaaS solutions are not the same”. The leadership positions are yet to be taken, therefore transforming the rookie of today to the king tomorrow. A set of vendors offer commodity solutions like SSO. But these may not be your long term vendor if you are looking for deep-dive provisioning or access governance solutions that require deep domain experience and service value addition.

3) Service expertise is as important for IDaaS as traditional IAM.

You are not going to work with IDaaS without expert support in customization, operations & support. IDaaS in its basic form only eliminates capital expenditure on software & hardware. The need for expert guidance in areas like assuring smooth operation and chalking out expansion strategies are still needed.

4) Watch out for cost of IDaaS.

You must compare the cost of IDaaS over a five year term. Intangibles like vendor experience in IAM are equally important while doing the comparison. The cost of building incremental features like integrating to more applications, business process changes, etc also must be considered. Many customers are realizing that having these features in “perpetual licence ” mode but delivered in the cloud may be more cost effective.

5) IAM is a garbage in, garbage out technology.

The effectiveness of IGA implementation is only as good as the quality of your data. Cleaning up of orphan accounts and multiple ids, duplications and other basic hygiene factors will eventually determine your success in IGA implementation.